The Psychology Department

Psychology  as a subject  was  introduced  in the year  1962 in H.S.C  syllabus  at glorious  and  ancient Eden  Mohila   College  a center  of  excellence  for  women  education for  expansion  and establishment of woman education. then in the year 1985,11 students  join the course of honors along  with 4 teachers .At that time Professors  Firoza Khandoker   was the head of the department .Under  many  difficulties  among these 11  students  ,3 of them got 1st  class   and  rest  of them  got 2nd class .Though the number of  students are  increasing  there are  only 7 teachers  in the department . We may have the privilege to mention that among above 7 teachers three of them are from Eden college .This is absolutely the matter to which we look with pride and inspirations. Side by side psychology are being progressed and flourished with all the 7 teachers in this department .  The students  are acquiring  more and more  knowledge through proper leading with  intense interest by their teachers .1st class with first position were obtained in honors & Masters examination several times from this department .This year the most 29 distinguished students come out successfully obtaining first class in Masters Degree under supervision and guidance by the teachers. The teachers as well as the students are endeavoring to increase the fame and honor of this department. There is rich seminar with full of books & journals from home and abroad. There are two laboratories and three class rooms. Cordial cooperation always rendered by the Principal and the Vice Principal for this respective department. At present there is a “Counseling” center initiated by the psychology department. Problem solving “Counseling” performed to the students. Everyone cooperated in the establishment of this center. It is a great achievement for the department of Psychology. Overall, we hope, the Psychology department will play vital role to thrive its psychological phenomena.