Department of Social Work

In Eden Mohila college, Social Work discipline is considered to be one of the most important and prestigious department. This subject is very popular choice among the students at the time of getting admission in Honor’s and Master’s level. Social Work  is a professional subject based on scientific knowledge, skill in human relations.

The wide and contemporary curriculum of Social Work discipline admirably designed to meet the various need of the students by gathering in-depth knowledge that how to live worthy as well as how to Protect themselves from the difficult circumstances of their social and family life. From this discipline students are getting opportunity to gather decisive theoretical and practical knowledge which capable them to get the job easily in govt, private and NGO’s sector. Its syllabus is covered many important aspects, such as; social research, project planning and management, policy planning, statistics, humanrights and justice, voluntarism population problem, policy and planning, criminology and correction; working with the poor people etc.

Thus the theoretical and practical knowledge on Social Work make the students realistic, enlighten, adjustable, considered, sharp, careful, graceful and successful in the society, At every level, social workers distinguished themselves as an upright professionals with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards human well-being. The knowledge of social work greatly contributed for the holistic development of the students with a high degree of maturity and it many be characterized as a conceptual break throw in critical insight of them. Social Work department is situated the 2nd floor of building no-3 and it is well decorated. The green beauty of this department is excellent. Students are doing well in their public examination held under National University both in Honors and Masters level. The following table showing the brilliant academic performance of this department.