The Unit of 'Badhon', an organization of volunteer blood donors, has started its journey in Eden College on 8th March 2007. 'Badhon' is committed to the service of humanity. It renders service to the critical patients by providing them with blood. Centrally, this organization has earned name and fame for their devoted service. With the help and guidance of some enthusiastic teachers, it has already started its activities and is a well-known name in the campus. The volunteers of ' 'Badhon' inspire the students by grouping their blood free of cost. They advocate the importance and significance of blood donation using different types of banners and posters. The members of 'Badhon" enkindle the religious and social values, as well as good intention by removing prevalent superstitions and negative attitudes regarding blood donation. After motivation, a list is prepared of the donors with required information to provide necessary service.

Today, Eden College unit of 'Badhon' is a successful organization providing a vital service in time of need.