The Bangla Department

Welcome to the Bangla Department of Eden Mohila College. Eden College came into being in 1876 with only forty seven students. Then in 1954, after much struggle, the college extended its educational curriculum from Higher Secondary level to Degree Pass, followed by Honours and Masters. Bangla was made a compulsory subject. However, very soon the need to progress beyond the mandatory curriculum, and to create a separate department for Bangla Language and Literature was felt. Hence in 1962 the Bangla Department was founded; and ever since, it’s glorious journey began.

From the time of its establishment, the Head of the Department was Khodeja Khatun (1962-1967). She was the first Muslim woman to have completed her Honours and Masters in Bangla. There are 12 created posts in the department, with 11 of them being occupied currently.

The course outline of the Bangla Department is very elaborate. The number of students enrolled in the Honours, Degree and the Preliminary and Final years of the Masters program give a total of 2500 students in the department. The Honours and Masters programs include interesting topics such as Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of Bangla Literature, many streams of Literature, the various aspects of Bangla Literature (Poetry, Novels, Drama, Literature), Morphology, Phonetics, Linguistics, the Origin and Evolution of Bangla Language, the Anthropological and Cultural Identity of Bangalis, etc.

Academic results of the Department have consistently been satisfactory. Many of the graduating students place in the merit list. The students in the Bangla Department do not confine themselves to academics alone, but also participate in Sports and Cultural activities just as avidly.

In addition to celebrating National events, Bangla Department also observes occasions such as the Bangla New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Rabindra-Nazrul Anniversary, Receptions to Newcomers and Farewell Programs. Under the initiative and guidance of the teachers our students attend study tours within country and abroad. Since 1998, the Department has also been publishing its magazine Pracheta.

 Bangla Department of Eden College, through its long passage over the years is still progressing successfully. Courtesy of the leadership and the administration of our faculty, Bangla Department is a well thriving, complete part of the Eden Mohila College.