Bangladesh National Cadet Core

Bangladesh National Cadet Core
Eden Women College Platoon, Army Section, Charlie Company
1, Ramna Battalion, Ramna Regiment, Dhaka.
Short History of Bangladesh National Cadet Core (B.N.C.C.)

Bangladesh National Cadet Core was born as a national organization to develop the country and nation. University Training Core (UTC) was established after the Indian Territorial Forces (ITF) was introduced in 1923.

In June 1928 a unit named 12 no Company consisting 2 platoon was opened in Dhaka University. Many famous personals including D. RC Mojumder, D. MI Brohai, D. Kazi Motahar Husain, and Momtajuddin Ahmed joined this unit. In 1942 it was given the honor to be an independent company for its outstanding achievements. In 1950 it was converted to a fully fledged battalion. The name was also changed to University Officer Training Core (UOTC) from University Training Core (UTC). Apart from Dhaka University Rajshahi University and Chittagong University with their fellow colleges started this program to train more students. In 1966 Pakistan Cadet Core (PCC) for college students & Junior Cadet Core (JCC) for class ten students was introduced to facilitate more training programs.

In 1971 the UOTC members fought bravely in reply to Pakistan armies attack. On March 31, 1976 three more battalion were introduced in the University of Rajshahi, Chittagong & Jahangirnagar. On March 23, 1979 BNCC was formed by combining UOTC, BCC, and JCC by government rule.

Structure of BNCC:
BNCC is formed with 5 army regiment, 1 air wing & 1 naval wing executed under 1 Director.
Ramna regiment consists of 5 battalions. No 1 battalion consist of 5 companies naming A, B, C, D & E. Eden College is in Company C and 1 Ramna Battalion.

Eden Women College BNCC Platoon:
Eden College BNCC platoon is one of the best platoons in Ramna Regiment. It was established early in 1979 with the leadership of D. Ayesha Khatun with help of some brilliant cadets. Later on D. Dilara Hafiz, Rowshan Ara Rashid and many other brilliant leaders led BNNC to glory. Currently Dr. Abu Ibrahim Mohd. Nurul Huda (Associate Professor, Sociology) & Mahfil Ara Begum (Associate Professor- History) is working as PUO (Professor Under Officer).
Regiment:                 Ramna
Battalion:                  1 Ramna
Company:                 C
Platoon:                    2
BTFO:                        1
PUO:                          2
Weekly training program:
Every Saturday & Sunday drill and military science class is taken practically by a military official.
War strategy & map reading, major war tactics (attack, defense, withdrawal), minor war tactics (raid, ambush, patrolling, advance to contact) etc are taught on regular basis with collaboration of practical class. Other than this judging distance, unconventional warfare, fire control order, chain of command, chain of evacuation, fire service & civil defense training and administration, disaster management are some other training in which BNCC cadets take regular part.
Training camp & competitions:
To make a great leader competitions are arranged on a regular basis. Drill, general knowledge, volleyball, badminton, fighting, dance, singing, reciting, debate are some of the regular competitions. Toppers are awarded for their performance. Cadets also take part in capsule training, annual training camp, central training camp, national parade, first aid training, computer training course, firing, fire service & civil defense & foreign tours to enhance their knowledge.
Voluntary program:
Cadets take regular part in voluntary program such as tree plantation, blood donating, cleanliness, mosquito deriving, flood and disaster management, internal programs of college like sports, seminar etc.
Opportunities for cadets:

  1. Free combat training to save the motherland.
  2. Allowance for poor and scholar cadets.
  3. Chance to take part in National Parade camp, Annual Training Camp & combat training.
  4. Regular cadets are given the chance to take part in Dhaka University & National University’s Military Science program.
  5. Students are given grace marks in their certificate exam which helps them to get a better result and pass rate.
  6. Cadets are allowed to enlist for Armed forces and preliminary exam is taken internally.

Success stories of cadets:
Cadets are taking part in cultural and training competitions and getting a good position every year. Other than these bayonet fighting, best tent, computer training, band course has been the field of glory for the cadets of Eden College. Best cadet for Annual Camp 2010 was form Eden College. Each year cadets from Eden College were front runner to visit India.

BNCC cadets are the future of our country. They are good countrymen and well disciplined. They are different and more qualified than an ordinary student. Cadets keep their selves away from negative works. They are essential for a healthy society. So it is certain that BNCC is a gold mine for the future of youth as well as the country.