Department of Geography & Environment

Greetings! On behalf of the faculty members, staff, and students of the Department of Geography and Environment, Eden Mohila College, Dhaka, We Welcome You! These are exciting times for Geography and Environment as the discipline is now widely recognized as an essential source of knowledge for advancements in nearly all spheres of human endeavor.

The Department of Geography and Environment keeping in harmony with the long drawn glorious history of the Eden Mohila College has also got a golden past. When Eden Mohila College was turned into an Intermediate College, Geography was included as a subject in the curriculum at the Intermediate level. After then Geography was introduce in the curriculum of Degree level.

At the beginning of the Department of Geography & Environment,Professor AfrozJahn was the head of this department. After that, many prominent geographers served this department as teacher or head of the department. One Professor, four Associate Professors, five Assistant Professors and two Lecturers are now working in this department under the leadership of Professor Shamsun Nahar.

The Department of Geography & Environment introduced B.Sc. Honours course in 1985 and M.Sc. course in 1988. This department is offering 4 year Honours course, 3 year Degree Pass course, 1 year M.Sc. Preliminary course and 1 year M.Sc. (Final) course now. Every year students complete a Field Work Report after visiting and surveying a remote area of Bangladesh. In Honours 4th year, every student of this department completes Land Use Survey, Socio-Economic Survey and Environmental Survey and makes a Report using this survey. In M.Sc. Final year the department of Geography & Environment arranges an Advance Land Use Survey and A Project Work on Bangladesh for every student.

The Department of Geography & Environment has a Seminar Library with about 4000 entries. This department has a well equipped Cartographic Laboratory and a GIS Laboratory with 10 Computers. GIS course is compulsory for every 4th year Honours student.

The Department of Geography & Environment is an active Institutional Member of the Bangladesh National Geographical Association. We also maintain aFacebook Group Community “Geography & Environment of Eden College” for only current and ex-student and teachers of this Department.