The Department of Home Economics

Department of home Economics is the light house of human science which helps to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individual, families and communities. Home Economics has been renowned department of science faculty in Eden Mohila College, Dhaka since 1960 of itsinitiation. During the initial years this was carried only for intermediate and degree courses. The four years honours degree has started in 1994-98 session Mastes part one and Masters final courses was subsequently opened under the National Universisty.

Under this department every year a lot of student complete their honours and Masters course successfully. There are 120 seats for honours first year enrollment and 100 seats for M.Sc part one. For Masters course the seat are unlimited but usually its enrollment is near 150-160 . At present total students of this department are near 700.

Content of the Home Economics Subject:

The student of this department gets the valuable B.Sc and M.Sc degree from National University. Since the academic session 2009-2010 students of honours courses has been completing their academic calendar in credit system


For the entire course the content of Home Economics is very rich with potential values for the individual development. These also cover some aspect to improve student’s skill like small entrepreneurship. The capacity to draw from such disciplinary diversity is strength of profession. On successful completion of the B.Sc course the student of this department became able to compete for the job of govt. NGO’s and intentional development agencies like others students of general subject. They can enroll them with public health as nutritionist and dietitian, or a respectful position in fabric manufacturing and merchandizing Company.

Existing Facilities of the Department:

The department has a large collection of valuable book, recent publishing reference books in the seminar which maintained by a qualified seminar assistant.

For the effective learning environment this department has a well set up seminer room, biochemistry lab room, a textile and art lab room. This department also has computer  facilities Department e-mail id is For  continuous power supplies most recently a solar panal has established for the keen interest of all teachers. The teacher of this department always maintain a friendly student- teacher relationship for effective learning attitude.

Students extra curriculum activities:

Every year some student of Home Economics involve in national level indoor games like handball, some also involve in national level dance competition, Bonsai competition. For the cordial interest of the head of the department arranged a certificate course of singer for the student of this department.

Result of the student:

The result of this department also has been excellent, About 35-40 percent of students of M.Sc  final year have got 1st class for last three year and average rate of pass is 98 percent.

Future Plan of the Department:

To achieve the academic excellence of Honours and Masters Course the department plans to develop the all class content digitally. So it is important now to develop a multimedia class room  and well equipped textile dyeing lab room.

Let us all hope that this department will continue to educate new scholar to discover new knowledge and ways of thinking for professional and for sustainable future of our society.