Department of Management

Eden means heaven. Management means doing Management is one of the leading, prestigious and wonderful departments of Eden Mohila college. It is prestigious because of its excellent performance both in academic and extra academic field. Although Eden College was established in the year 1973, Commerce course was initiated in the year 1981, with 16 students on H.S.C. The degree Course started in 1984.

Management department was established in the year 1984 as a separate department and began offering honours courses in management for the session 1992- 1993. Professor Tofayal Ahmed, renowned educationist of the country worked tirelessly to open the honours course and he was devoted to develop an educational environment in the department. Mr. Rofiqul IsIam Khan. Mrs. Momtaj Shirin and Sufia Akhter, these three dedicated distinguished teachers also contributed most in the process of opening and expanding  the department. These  teachers are considered to be the founders of honours course in this department.

There are approximately 1800 students in the honours, preliminary and masters course. BBA pass, Honours and masters course are offered from this department. There are seven available posts. The area of teaching in honours and masters level includes general course such as Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Economics (English-Compulsory).

There is a seminar room with a library which has 2000 entries. A well trained senior staff in recruited to serve the students in seminar room. The teachers and staff of the department are working together to develop the department as centre of excellence.