The Department of Marketing

Eden College is a renowned institution of Bangladesh for female education. It was established in 1873. Eden College has a great contribution and remarkable achievement in spreading female education in this country. At present, it has 22  Departments. Honors and Masters courses are affiliated in these  departments. Honors course in Marketing Department started in 2004-2005 session and founder chairman of the Department was Professor Mozammel Ali Ahmed.

The Department of Marketing is a popular department of the college. The department offers a four year B.B.A (Hons) and a one year M.B.S course under National University. The experienced teachers of Marketing Department teach the students of Honors and Masters classes. Results of our students in the National University examinations are promising. In 2012 of Honors final year Examination 69 students out of 159 students secured 1st class. Also in the Masters final year result in 2011, 88 students out of 227 students secured 1st class.

After the completion of Honors and Masters course students have good job opportunities. They can serve in both public & private organizations. They qualify in the B.C.S examination. In bank, Insurance and multinational companies, they are having preference.

Seminar Facilities:

In addition to the facility of Eden Mohila College central library, Department of Marketing has its own collection of a good number of books and publications in the seminar. Students and teachers have easy access to it. The students can read during their leisure time and borrow necessary books showing their seminar cards. A teacher in charge and a staff guide the students to run the seminar smoothly.

Department of Marketing of Eden Mohila College consists of a group of six teachers with rich educational background. They are working hard to develop the skills and knowledge of the students.