Speech of the Honourable Education Minister
I am highly pleased to know that Eden Mohila College, Dhaka is going to launch its website to facilitate education and other services to its teachers and students. Information and communication technology has brought about a revolutionary change in all sectors worldwide including education. ICT makes a nation radically changed for the better. Nations fail to avail this opportunity is sure to lag behind. The present government led by the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is committed to reaching ICT facilities to all citizens of the nation to make a Digital Bangladesh to materialise her Vision 2021. The launch of this website, therefore, is a step to the right direction to let the world know this renowned female institution of South Asia. It is sure that this endeavour to step into the ICT world will make the college a better seat of education. I hope the website of this college, committed to the promotion of academic achievement and excellence, will meet all essential needs of the students and teachers.
I sincerely thank the Principal of Eden Mohila College for taking such an initiative to make this institution a digital one. I also thank you all who worked hard to make this project a success.

(Nurul Islam Nahid, MP)
Ministry of Education
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh