Science Club
The Science Club of Eden Mohila College has been bringing science to life for students and teachers. The Science Club fuels the wonder and joy of learning through workshops, fairs, excursion etc. This club offers the students the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. It uses the opportunity to explore areas of science not covered by the curriculum and to give the club members plenty of opportunities to do practical science.

The members of Eden Mohila College Science Club share a mutual interest in science. Many members are science majors although this is not a requirement. In 2008, the club organized a science fair in the college campus. The projects of the club got much appreciation and award in different categories. In the same year they participated in the Notre Dame College science fair and drew the attention of the adjudicators. They also got award there. At present, the seminar of Physics is used as the temporary office of the club.