Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest Dept. of Eden Mohila College. It was established in 1926. At present the total number of students of this department is around 1800. There are 13 teachers and 2 demonstrators. The present chairman of this department is Professor Jahanra Begum. This dept. is rich with a seminar cum library. It contains a large number of Zoological books which help the students and teachers in their study and research. There is also a Microtomy lab, practical room and a gallery. The practical room is enriched with large number of zoological specimens. Three individual degrees may be achieved from this department that is B. Sc. (Honours), M. Sc. and Masters Preliminary. B. Sc. honours course was introduced here in 1972 and now the number of seats available in 1st year (honours) is 150. The length of honours degree is 4 years. A large number of course are studied here during these 4 years that are Physiology, Evolution, Paleontology & Zoogeography, Wildlife Biology, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Developmental Biology and Ethology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology and Radiation Biology, Entomology and Parasitology etc. This department is the only department where the thesis is continued in M. Sc. Masters. There is only practical/ general group in fisheries and Entomology. The study tour is compulsory for the students of all year. Every year the 3rd year and M. Sc. Masters students take a nice study tour in Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin. They collect different types of marine specimens for their further study. The 4th year students generally move Savar BLRI, NIB and IFRB to gather knowledge on Radiation Biology and Genetical Engineering. The students of this department achieve excellent results both in honours and masters examinations held under National University. In M. Sc. final examination a total of 46 students achieved 1st class in 2010 (Batch-2007) .  Last year a large number of students from Zoology dept. took part in the display of South Asian Games 2010 . Every year  they also take part in the ‘Pitha Uttsobh’ organized by  Eden Mohila College in the national Independent Day on 16 December. They also take part in different cultural program, debate competition, sports etc. organized by the college.